Saturday, January 20, 2007


drogba 1 - 0 ballack

Sunday, January 07, 2007


say ra-ra-ra

the sec 1 orientation camp is over! i went into the camp quite looking forward to it, admittedly for some of the not-so-right reasons. as PSLs we would enjoy more privileges during the camp as compared to when we were the sec 1s (obviously), and there was also Fright Night which promised to be very entertaining. anyway, i'm glad i experienced the camp, and even happier that i enjoyed it for all the right reasons. i don't normally talk about patriotism and stuff, but i can finally say that i am truly proud to be a rafflesian.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

school starts tomorrow but at least it's orientation for the sec 1s for the first week which means i get to skip lessons. then again that means i need to go for make up lessons. as in... extra lessons. sigh. january should be ok but i think it gets really weary around april. i just hope i can pay close to full attention in class and revise my work more often. sort of a resolution but i shouldn't call it that cos i never keep resolutions. anyway i'm too lazy to talk about the year in detail so all i have to say is that it has left me with a very strange feeling!

Monday, January 01, 2007

a truly happy new year to all!

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

oh yes how could i forget my last truth it was that i sleep at 10 on school days. actually that's not totally true of course sometimes i sleep a bit later... maybe 1030? haha

and yesterday when i got home i realised it was still christmas and not boxing day, so the football matches are only tonight! which means i can only watch half of the man u match cos of PSL camp tmr... SIGH

i just went to and here are the celebrities i SUPPOSEDLY look like using my p5 passport photo haha

in what way do i look like the first guy?

Monday, December 25, 2006


what else

hohoho, merry christmas! so said the poor guy in his santa get-up at prego during lunchtime. he must have been sweating in there ringing his bell and giving out sweets to children (including me yay!). i like sweets.

i've been sleeping quite late the past few days cos i'm taking in the little that's left of my holidays. yes 1130 is considered quite late for the sleep-obssessed me. well today's been a good day because i feel good now! i was very pleasantly surprised to receive a new handphone (it's a nice and simple phone that NO ONE SHOULD STEAL!!!) for christmas. i also got a new pencil box because my old one looked totally tattered with ink stains from uncapped pens. i tend to lose pen caps.

going back to lunch and the subject of sleep, i was feeling awfully tired during lunch. i mean normally the prospect of food keeps me awake but this afternoon i just couldn't keep my eyes open. oh well must've been the medicine i took for my flu.

then there was also a youth gathering of sorts which was very enjoyable even though we spent about an hour walking through botanic gardens trying to find a suitable sheltered spot, only to settle at an unsheltered spot, although we did move to a shelter soon after. there were 2 other people there that remained where they were for the whole time we were gathered there! weird. they seemed to find our games amusing. one of the games was called two truths and a lie. so when it was my turn to say two truths and a lie, i said i like ginger beer, and another truth which i somehow can't recall. the lie was that i was a left-hander... but everyone thought it was true! mwahaha...

ok so that concludes an indeedly (hmm...) merry christmas! woohoo!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006


rain flame

after a whole day, the rain has finally stopped!! thankfully singapore has an efficient drainage system or we would be swoshing around in water outside, like in thailand where the murky water came up to my shin! anyway i really dislike rain because it prevents me from playing soccer. that's just horrible. and i hate it when i have to turn on the lights during the day cos it's so dark outside. sunlight is so much nicer. people say rain makes good conditions for sleeping but i beg to differ. i mean how can one sleep with the constant and very irritating pitter-patter of the rain, not to mention the blinding sensation you get when lightning strikes and your eyes are closed. plus the thunder. bleah

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